Fortress Legends

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Build an indestructible fortress and destroy your enemies


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Fortress Legends is a management strategy game in which players build an impenetrable fortress capable of holding out against enemy attack while crushing their opponents' fortresses.

Similar to Clash of Clans and other spin-offs, the gameplay behind Fortress Legends actually goes a lot deeper. You won’t just be building booby-traps and defensive buildings. You'll also be generating rooms and have to change their layout. You even have the option to construct your own deadly labyrinth.

Another distinctive feature about Fortress Legends is that the ‘Final Boss’ for your fortress is actually your own character. Any player that wants to conquest your territory will have to beat your hero first. Rest assured that along the way you’ll find tons of options to customize your character: weapons, armor, skills, levels..

Defending your fortress is only one part of Fortress Legends. Another important aspect of this game that you’ll enjoy is attacking enemy fortresses. During an assault you can control your hero directly, moving around their virtual controller and using their combat skills anyway you want.

Fortress Legends is an management strategy game with some outstanding action scenes. The best part is creating an alliance with up to three online friends to rage battle on one another in a four player cooperative battle setting.
By Raúl Rosso
Fortress Legends, A Diablo and Clash of Clans Mashup

And we're back with more mash-ups. This time around Namco Bandi decided to pick up two recipes for success intelligently mixing them together to expand new horizons even in times like these when we thought we'd seen it all. Fortress Legends seems like a plain old hack n' slash where all you have to do is attack enemy fortifications and create defensive elements in your own fortress area but actually the game's plot is more in the line of Clash of Clans. What really shakes things up is that in Fortress Legends sieges take place first hand by controlling your character while button mashing in isometric scenarios, another classic attribute of Diablo type games.
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